Monday, November 30, 2009

Tik Tok.... December 1st Books

New books that are coming out tomorrow, check them out.

Scorched: The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood
A debut author offers a clever twist on the world of vampires (Alexandra Ivy), with this novel that tells the story of a modern romance between a savvy young advertising executive and a dashing vampire. Original.
Once Bitten (Zebra Debut)
by Clare Willis
He wants to help her; it's in his blood. But if he succeeds, he won't be human anymore. Does he dare to weigh the consequences?

Conall Macmillan is an ex-detective whom is half-demon. His demon qualities earn him a trip to the Castle, a doorway to a labyrinth of supernatural beings who have been there for centuries. The Castle won't hold him though, as one of his demonic qualities is turning to dust, which can easily be maneuvered through the door cracks.

Constance has been living in the Castle almost for as long as she can remember. The guards brought her there when she was rising from her grave. She has never truly Turned into a Vampire because she has never tasted human blood. But when the guards kidnap her son, she'll do anything to get him back, even find away out so she can fully realize her powers.

When Conall accidentally stumbles into Constance in one of the dark corridors of the Castle, he is instantly captivated with her beauty. He's never wanted a relationship before, but Constance makes him begin to hope. He agrees to help retrieve her son, and the two are soon looking forward to each other's visits while he comes up with a plan. What he doesn't tell Constance is that each time he leaves the Castle, and returns, he loses more of his humanity. He will soon be completely demon and afraid he will be no good for her, but if he doesn't, Constance will her lose her son.


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