Friday, November 27, 2009

Tik Tok .... Debut

I'm not only a reader but also a very creative writer. I have written two different stories based on true life. I would be posting some of my short stories. I hope that
you can help be improve by reading them and sharing your opinions and ideas. A writer listens to its critic and improves based on his/her mistakes.

Currently Working on my first novel ever..(omg so excited) someday it will be published lol

Here's a spoiler of my first novel called "Healing Wounds"
Genre: Young Adult

Alex never thought she would be betrayed by her own mother. When her mother ran away with her high school Ex English teacher, which was also her boyfriend caused her family to break apart. Her father became an alcoholic and her older brother was out of control. She was left in charge of managing her dad's company and finances.When she finds out she is pregnant, the only hope left is therapy to rebuild the family. Can Alex make it through this storm?

Chapter 1: Beginning of the end
The sun was shinning down on me. I felt light and accomplished. It was June 16, the day of my graduation. My parents sat on the first row of seats happy and smiley. The grass bloomed of beautiful daisies. The arena in seconds was filled with proud parents. Senior year reflected my hard work. Saying goodbye to good friends was harder that i imagine. I wasn't sure why i felt lonely and not excited. When i looked back everything returned to reality. A empty seat between my dad and my brother. What i thought that looked like something suddenly became nothing. I tried so hard to hold my tears, but they just flooded out. I was crying for so many things at once. It was the ending of nothing and the beginning of something. As, i walked up the stage to receive my diploma, i struggle not to look back. Behind laid the memories that stabbed me in the back, emotionless thrive to tear me apart. A few hours ago my mom ran away, taking with her the most expensive arts. She didn't say why just that she wanted to fly, taking with her my boyfriend Daniel Evans. Blinking away the memories that kept flowing back, i tried to live in the present and forget the past. She broke a bond that took seventeen years to construct, throwing away the love between. The day of my graduation no longer became excitement, ending the same way it started, with tears in my eyes. Hurt didn't compared to the pain i felt. In my womb grew a child from the one i loved. Now i was alone like a daisy in the shining sun. What seemed right was totally wrong. David was everything i thought he never was. I can't erase, the hurt and tears he put on my face. There's nothing left but to let go, of everything i wanted when he came along. I have never been broken, beaten and defeated like this. I lost track of time, had nowhere to go. I never thought it would end this way. The story was suppose to last and he wasn't suppose to be just part of my past. Warning didn't come on time. By the time i realized it, there was nothing left in my life.He took everything with him including my heart. All is left is aches of the burning fire, started by lies. I wasn't capable of surviving this fight. I tripped and fell until the wounds hurt like hell. Now I'm capable to stand strong, forgetting the past and moving on. Just another day, like every other day. Nothing in the sky prevents the rain. Only a shield prevents the pain. Thank god i made it to see another day.

Hope you liked it...I'm only human..


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