Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Review: Love Sick By Jake Coburn

Love Sick

"A complicated love, with secrets and consequences"

Before Reading: I was excited, when I got this book in the mail. Before hand i read summaries about the book and decided to order it. The cover of the book attracted me to read it. I skimmed through the book and honestly knew it was going to be "Heart Racing".

During Reading: I became immediately attracted to the characters. Each character became real. I longed to know more about each. Erica was stuck in my mind through out the book. Ted was truly one of the most vivid characters. Two different people brought together by addiction. Both were addicted to different things. But yet found each other in the same position.

After Reading: I can honestly say that the author did an amazing jobs. I felt relieved at the end of the book to know that Erica was getting help. It came to me, that maybe her sickness was brought on by being completely alone most of the time. Having the perfect life such as money and connections but none who really appreciate her and who she really is .Her dad played a huge role in her sickness and didn't even notice that with his over protective actions he was killing her. Then theres Ted the basketball star. Drinking became his escape. Each time it felt better. All the pressure gone and everything forgotten. His basketball career was gone along with his future. Two teens with different problems and from different world collide together and find relieve in each other.How it started doesn't matter just how its going to end. Erica and Ted are now officially "sober".

Rating: 5/5

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mzdellie16 said...

hi, i think i am in love with reading as much as you and i was wondering if you can upload Love Sick on

you see i am not cheap and i can afford to but the book but i live in the caribbean and my island does not have a sensible book store and my library sucks (excuse the language please)... so i get stuck downloading books from online and whenever i travel i buy..... i am kinda desperate right now , so if you dont mind please ... if you say no i guess it ok

but thanks for taking time to read my long speech

Bye (consider it please)

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